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Merrell Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Sliders

We offer several levels of sliding door enclosures for your tub or shower, starting with the basic Cardinal Series up to the luxurious Heavy Euro and Apollo Series.

The frameless sliding bypass systems do have wall jambs, a drip track, and a header for the rollers to slide in, but eh individual panel are not framed themselves, hence their “frameless” designation.

Cardinal Series
Eloquently designed, precision engineered and beautifully finished framed and frameless enclosures at affordable prices.

Euro Series
The Euro series can accommodate nearly any sliding door configuration and glass selection, from clear to our beautiful Venetian cast glass.

Apollo Series
The Apollo header resembles crown molding and the wall jambs fluted wood. For use with 1/4" to 3/8" clear, patterned or cast glass.

Skyline Series
Our modern take on the sliding shower enclosure. The sliding panel rolls along on large exposed wheels on a single rod.

Configurations: Below are the standard configurations for the Cardinal enclosures. However, nearly any custom size can be accommodated.

Dare to Imagine the Shower of Your Life!
Looking for a shower with a dozen narrow, butt-glazed panels forming a gracefully curving wall, or a steam unit with a swivel vent panel built into the door, or perhaps a 10' high sliding enclosure?

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