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Merrell Glass Shower Doors

Hardware Options: Pull Handles

Skyline Recessed Finger Pull

Apollo Back-to-Back Pull

Back-to-Back “C” Pull

Hardware Options: Pull Handles - Cast Glass Pulls

Cast Glass Pull Dolphin

Cast Glass Pull Cat
7" x 18", Retrofit: 6" and 8"

Cast Glass Pull Bear
8" x 18", Retrofit: 6" and 8"

Hardware Options: Towel Bars

Recessed Finger Pull

“Glass” Towel Bar

Craftsman Towel Bar

Towel Bar / Pull Handle Combo

Craftsman “Builder” Towel Bar

Standard Towel Bar

“Double” Towel Bar

Standard Finishes

Below are all of our standard finishes.

  • Antique
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Roman Bronze
  • Satin
  • White

Custom Powder Coating

We offer a wide variety of custom powder coat colors for our shower enclosures. These colors can be applied to nearly any of our standard or custom shower enclosures to give your enclosure a unique look. These finishes are extremely durable and will provide years of service. The Hammertone finishes provide some serious texture to the enclosure. Several fine grain and rough grain colors are available.

Venetian Cast Glass Pulls

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Are you looking for a stunning way to set off your shower enclosure? Add a Venetian Cast Glass Pull. The three dimensional character of art glass provides a beautifully stunning alternative to the premium heavy glass units more commonly available. Now, for the first time, your shower enclosure can be the gem of your bathroom. We offer many stock patterns from which to choose, but there is no limit to the design opportunities. Stock shapes range from Dolphins to Aspen Leave, Lighthouse to various geometric shapes. You can give us a drawing of your own design or offer your ideas and have our artists design a custom pattern for you. Let your imagination run wild!

Cast Glass Pull Dolphin

Cast Glass Pull Cat
7" x 18", Retrofit: 6" and 8"

Cast Glass Pull Bear
8" x 18", Retrofit: 6" and 8"

Glass Options: Heavy Glass

For years the trend in shower enclosures has been to use less and less metal to make your tub or shower enclosure disappear. But many now are choosing a heavy patterned glass or cast glass. This glass, made from optically-clear low-iron glass, can be fabricated in 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" thickness.

  • They offer varying levels of visual privacy
  • They don't look exactly like your neighbor's shower
  • They are easier to keep looking clean when compared to clear glass

Cardinal Affinity

Cardinal Lunar

Cardinal Tranquility

Cardinal Flurry

Cardinal Rain

Cardinal Wisp

Glass Options: Patterned Glass

While Clear, Obscure and Rain glass are the most common patterns used in shower enclosures, take a moment to consider how using one of the many other glass options could enhance the look of your shower. Patterned glass can completely change the look of your enclosure, and has the added benefit of being easier to keep clean looking than clear glass.

Aquatex – available in 3/16”

Autumn – available in ¼”

Bamboo – available in 3/16”

Everglade – available in ¼”

Obscure – available in 3/16”

Satin – available in ¼”

Glacier – available in ¼”

Rain – available in 3/16” and ¼”

Glue Chip – available in 3/16”

Reeded – available in ¼”

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